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Fix/Motion (2009-)

Recording Grand SUMO Tournament (Makushita division) scores, I mark wins with white dots and losses with black dots. I create my own charting system of recorded motions, bouts, and winning techniques. These become fixed within a format arbitrated by my own point of view, creating a landscape of bouts and motions that seem to simultaneously mutate and stay within a fixed realm.

Fix is a series of works that demonstrate the fundamental need for ‘expressions’ to operate within a coded system that people gain fluency in or comprehension of through repeated exposure to it. Even as these systems might be abstract or intangible, they have proscribed ‘spaces’—framed within virtual domains or sites. These frames support ‘threads’ of thinking, cognition, and analysis. As such, expressions are comprehensible because of elements, referents, or guideposts that are fixed. This series is an attempt to explore various constructions of ‘fixing.’

↓2009 September Grand Sumo Tournament
    Makushita Division bouts result


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