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A collection of different sizes of pliers is lined up on a shelf. Each pair of pliers stands on its legs with its gripping jaws opened at fixed widths of 1 cm or 1.5 cm. While the pliers, meant to hold or clamp objects, hold nothing in this installation, they serve as frames for these measured spaces, otherwise an expanse of anonymously blank or empty space. The uniform widths are the common denominator for the different pliers. Each pair of pliers is handled and set in place at an angle that structurally incorporates the fixed measure of blank space. This technique illustrates how a uniform facet creates variety when the implements used differ in size or length. While the jaws all open to the same width, the effort arms (the handles) of the lever open to a variety of widths. Adjusting the pivot angle to achieve a uniform width becomes a practice of ‘creating a uniform space’ that creates a series of variable correspondent measures.




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