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Precedent (2015-)


  • I wrote down that the destinations and the reasons of Japanese artists who were sent abroad except Europe and the US from the beginning of the 20th century until the loss of the World War II. (A few of them traveled by theirselves at that time without the order.)
  • The map of the background is the area of the former "Dai Toa Kyoeiken : Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere."
  • In a narrow sense, I assembled that people existed at one time, in the same space, and who did expressive acts of art at that time. There were artists, even those who produced war-praised works according to the wartime regime, those who created works unrelated to war at all, and artists who were called up simply as soldiers.
  • Washi (Japanese paper ) made in my local, Ogawamachi, was secretly studied as a material of the balloon bomb during the wartime and had been used from the experimental stage.
  • With a feeling like writing the letter address on the envelope, I drew the name of person, the name of place, and the reason of traveling, on this washi paper with a writing brush and sumi-ink.
  • Using starch paste gives reversibility, you can peel off those paper pieces and reattach them later.

(Translation: TSUKAMOTO Yasuko)


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