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Petition Drive(2011~2013)


Petition Drive
I request you the signature for this petition which Sokokurai-zeki aids the return to a sumo ring.I raise voices against to this unfair dismissal punishment that can be said also as a false charge, and request for his return to a sumo ring.

I have been continually observing the sumo wrestling of Sokokurai. I also checked the only contents of a bout illustrated in statement. I could not find any doubtful motions. I urge it to exemplify which part of this match is a prearranged game to the committee. It should be carefully observed by sumo wrestling specialists with abundant experience, and should be opened to the public.

The earnestness to the sumo wrestling of Sokokurai, his sincerity can be understood unanimous if you are a person who has been constantly watching his sumo wrestling. You should suspect just the association's attitude which obtained the examination method and report of the external investigation committee, and determine punishment.

In the haphazard way for maintenance and continuation of an organization, this active wrestler's career must not be soiled and there must not be any unfair dismissal etc. which blockade a young man's future.

On April 11, 2011, Sokokurai, a sumo wrestler in the makuuchi division of Grand Sumo Tournament (from Inner Mongolia, China), received retirement advice from the Japan Sumo Association. Since an investigation committee concluded he had been in fixing the result of mach with Kasuganishiki at his second time of tournament in juryo, on the 11st day of a 2010 May Grand Sumo Tournament. An external special investigating committee tested "the contents of testimony", "an actual match result", etc. of Kasuganishiki by comparison, investigations concluded that Sokokurai was involved. Kasuganishiki said, “The bout-fixing match has been offered for 400,000 yen from Sokokurai."

Sokokurai has no close relation to Kasuganishiki and Sokokurai denied his statement completely. Sokokurai submitted the history of a cellular phone, and record of the passbook to the special investigating committee, gave his full cooperation in investigation, and proclaimed his innocence.

This affair of Sokokurai, it was the retirement advice besides that there was also no physical evidence and there was no testimony from other wrestlers. The investigating committee has described about the judgment method, "It hadn’t looked into it in detail because it was just an internal investigation (it is not a criminal case)."

The Japan Sumo Association issued "retirement advice" on the conditions which he will be paid the "retiring allowance" of 5,290,000 yen, if Sokokurai himself submitted the retirement report. Sokourai proclaimed his innocence and refused submission of the retirement notice. As a result, he received "dismissal" of more serious punishment on April 14.

Though the Japan Sumo Association reached a deal by which he will be paid the "retiring allowance," Sokokurai also refused this condition and he petitioned for the status preservation and the provisional disposition of salary payment as a wrestler in the makuuchi division to Tokyo District Court to the unfair dismissal to the Japan Sumo Association on April 22. (This was the first time bringing that legal action against the Japan Sumo Association about fixed game scandal on the Grand Sumo Tournament.)

(Translation: TSUKAMOTO Yasuko)


 25 March, 2013

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