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Origination2 (1998-)

This series is comprised of a collection of letters, receipts, and banknotes I have received. These were written up, recorded, signed, and certified by others and sent or issued to me. These documents attest to the variety of ways I have been qualified, judged, described, analyzed, or labeled, according to the various codes and standards used by other people. These official printed matter include responses from a credit card company and art organizations or foundations. They represent notifications of responses to my applications—that I have not qualified for a credit card account or for a grant or fellowship. These rejections become my printed artworks, which I had begun from the moment I initiated the application process. When I fail to meet certain qualifications, it illustrates how my profile does not fit within their code of values at that given time. The facets contained in my profile are encoded and their rejection becomes the point of completion of the encounter. The ‘conflict’ could not take place without my initiating the approach and offering myself for decoding. The confrontation between the factors that define me and the codes that evaluated me intersect in one point. They become ‘me.’






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