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Fix/Price List (2010-)

This work, a price list I have created for my own works, is not for sale. Determining the monetary value of my artworks myself without considering market demands or trends, I am both the supplier and demander of my work. The prices have been “fixed” until the end of July 2020. These prices are predetermined to double by August 1, 2020 (the year I turn 53). The items on this list comprise 31 certificates I had garnered in my life. [See Prize Collection – Certificate Collection (1999).] By designating the cash value of these paper determinants of formal value and valuation accorded to me by society, I exercise my own power of valuation of the institutional regard I have been subjected to. Inverting this regulatory power reveals the value system I have built for, and about, myself. The prices are tokens of these values. 4 certificates sold in 1998 and 1999; the 27 others remain with me. A decade has passed since the exhibition of this series. The owner of this ‘artwork’ is not allowed to sell them separately.

Copyright © 2010 TOYOSHIMA Yasuko. All rights reserved.

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