Color Compensation-1 (2005-)

In a completely darkened room, I will install a lighting system that alternately flashes red and green in one-second intervals,and will bring 201 color cards into this space.

In accordance with my perceptual reality under these conditions, I will use attributes of hue and tone to order the 201 color cards into grid on the wall, thereby creating my personal color chart.

Two video cameras, each designed to capture one or other light condition, will continuously film the wall of color cards.

I will continuously fix my gaze on the 201 color cards as they are alternately bathed , in one-second intervals, in red and green light.

On the right and left sides of each color cards, I will paint a facsimile of that color, based on phenomenon of color that I perceive under these conditions.

The name of pigment colors on the containers of paint will be covered with masking tape to prevent me from reading them.

When mixing colors, I will continue working even though I may not know what colors I am using.
At no time during my work will see the color cards,paint,wall, or anything else in the space under natural light.

I will attempt to construct a color system conditioned to fail to materialize outside of the environment I have established.

Without leaving the space, I will continuously compare cards and make color corrections in order to determine if I have correctly reproduced colors.





Open Studio Program at Fuchu Art Museum 2005

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